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Northern Regional Rowing Council


AGM - 7.00 for 7.30pm on Mon 20 November 2023



For ordinary and annual meetings of the NRRC prior to this date, go to this page

NRRC Executive Committee (pdf)

Members prior to the 2023 AGM


Helen McMillan (Durham ARC)


Charly Curtis (Durham ARC)

BR Regional Representative

Gabrielle Moore (Durham ARC)   


Pauline Higgins (Hadrian BC)


Colin Percy (Tyne ARC)

Coaching Coordinator

Pam Walton (QEHS BC)

Competitions Coordinator

Louise Forster

Junior Rowing Coordinator

Pauline Higgins (Hadrian BC)

LDS Series Coordinator

Dan Lockey (Durham ARC)

Masters Rowing Coordinator

Gabrielle Moore (Durham ARC)   

Para Rowing Coordinator

Paul Nicholson (Hexham RC)

Recreational Rowing Coordinator

Vacant (Colin Percy covering)

Regional Rowing Safety Adviser

John Mulholland (Tyne ARC)

Student Representative

Jasper Bird (Collingwood College BC)

Umpiring (as Chair of NRUC)

Richard Mortimer (Durham ARC)

Ordinary member

Eddie Bryant (Durham School BC)

Ordinary member

Mark Hyson (Tynemouth RC)

Ordinary member

David Squirrell (Durham Regatta)     

Monday 20 November 2023 - Annual General Meeting - at DARC - 7.30pm


Refreshments from 7.00pm




* Notice of AGM and agenda as sent to clubs and competitions on 23-10-23


* Delegates and observers to AGM - as at 16:12 on 20-11-23    


* Draft minutes of AGM held on 14 Nov 22 - under Item 3 for approval as a correct record


* Reports under Item 6, to be ready before the meeting:

  - Regional Rep

  - Secretary

  - Treasurer - Accounts (audited version to follow)

  - Coaching

  - Junior Rowing

  - Safety

  - Competitions

  - LDS & equipment

  - Umpiring

  - Masters rowing

  - Recreational Rowing, including Sunday League and Great Tyne Row

  - Student rowing


* Nominations for posts under Item 7, as at 22:00 on 17-11-23      


The Notice sent out by email and uploaded here (link above) asked clubs to send the names of their representatives to attend the AGM to the NRRC secretary by 15 November 23. Nominations for officer posts were also needed by that date. Delegates are strongly encouraged to attend in person, though a Zoom link will be provided as necessary, to official representatives only. There may be a limited number seats for observers from clubs - but get in touch if interested in advance.


For information only:


Constitution of NRRC as adopted at AGM on 16 November 2020




Email Colin Percy at secretary@nerowing.com if you have any questions.


This page updated on 20-11-23