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Sunday League - Round 2 - Berwick -  4 June 2023

Entries and results and league table


The results draw matrix is shown below as a jpg (click on the image for a larger version) or is here as a pdf. We had six Open entries, and four Women’s entries. The women raced each other once and then we had two extra races, with the lower pointed two racing and the higher pointed two racing. Everybody got four races. The overall league table is also shown below as a jpg with a larger version available on a click. It is here as a pdf


Weather & tides    


We had a cloudy start but the sun soon broke through and it was very pleasant but not too hot. Wind was forecast at 8 mph from the east but did not come to much. High tide (a largish one) was at about 3.30pm and the strong incoming flows may have affected some results, with differential flows nearer to and further from the bank.




Timings were about the normal:


Registration from 11:00

Draw at 11:30

Racing started 12:00

Racing ended about 15:00




Food and drinks were available - very nice.




* Briefing notes

* Course map

* Notes for competitors

* Risk assessment


Last updated on 04-06-23

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Click for larger version
Click for larger version