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Sunday League - Round 1 - Berwick -  7 April 2024

Event cancelled due to weather


An announcement was made on the morning of 05-04-24:  due to current flooding and forecast high winds on Sunday the Berwick round is event is cancelled. A replacement date was being sought.


Entries and results and league table


The draw matrix is normally shown on a round-specific page like this one when ready. The one for Berwick was prepared and is shown below (click on image for larger version), but it was not populated with crew letters or the the racing order finalised as the event was cancelled .




Timings were to have been an hour earlier than usual due to tides:


Registration from 10:00

Announcements 10:30

Racing starts 11:00

Racing ends 15:00 at the latest




Food and drinks would have been available.




* Briefing notes

* Notes for competitors

* Course map

* Risk assessment


Last updated on 12-04-24

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