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National Competition Review - 2014



British Rowing (BR) is moving towards reforming the way rowing events are run and, as part of this, the points system.  Much more flexibility for event organisers is to be introduced together with a different way of assessing individual achievement.


BR’s Council on 18 June 2014 is to consider the outline and some of the detail for the new system.  Our two regional reps on Council , Barbara Millns and Michael Laing, will be able to offer comments on our behalf.


To give them guidance on regional views, an open meeting is being convened by the Northern Rowing Council at 6.30 for 7.00pm on Monday 9 June 2014, venue Durham ARC.


The meeting will discuss any issues arising from the Council papers, which are downloadable from the links below.  If we have time, we may also have a look at our own regional event calendar and discuss if any changes are needed in the light of the review proposals or for any other reason.


If you cannot attend, please email any comments on the review or regional calendar to Colin Percy, NRC Events Coordinator, at colin.percy@blueyonder.co.uk before the meeting.  Please state if the views given are from you as an individual or on behalf of an event or club.




British Rowing documents:

* summary briefing - pdf only

* report part 1 - as docx or pdf

* report part 2 - as docx or pdf

* report part 3 - as docx or pdf


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