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* Sunday League 2023 - home page    * Round 1 - Tyne    * Round 2 - Berwick
* Round 3 - Tynemouth   * Round 4 - Cambois  * Round 5 - Tarn  

Sunday League 2023 - Round 6 - Hexham - 1 October



These were as usual:

Catering from about 10:30

Registration from 11:00

Briefing at 11:30   

Racing started at 12:00 (crews in letter order, women first)

Racing ended by 15:30

Presentation followed


Skills tested


Instructions for the various skills (see map also):

*   See BR video on roll ups at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBo2QVNvZL8&t=15s (note return to backstops in it is a bit weird with blades feathered upside down – you can feather the normal way if you want).


Click on the image below for larger jpg version of the skills map.


Last updated on 01-10-23.    

  Crews, helpers and officials on the steps at Hexham on 1 October 23


Hexham RC’s second Sunday League Skills event


This was the second year in a row that Hexham RC ran skills event for us. The map and list of skills below give a good idea of what was demanded of crews (and coxes). Some fared better than others!


Results on the day and overall for the series


We had four Women’s crews and seven Open crews. The times and results are in the table here as pdf or as a jpg (or click on the image just below for the latter). Go to the 2023 series home page for the resulting overall series results with winners. The overall Women’s winner was Tarnettes and for the Open category, Berwick Expedition Crew.

Updated Course Map (Skills) - Hexham RC SL Oct 2023.jpg
Sun League 2023 results Hexhan as issued 01-10-23.jpg
20231001_145339 hexham sl crews on steps 1500 pix v2.jpg