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Crews chosen for JIRR after the regional trials


Crews who were picked after the trials and raced at JIRR (subject to any last minute subs) are as per this download:


* Crews selected and racing - xlsx


Crews who entered the regional trials and results there


The regional trials for the JIRR squad were held on Saturday 10 February 2018 at Cambois Rowing Club on the River Wansbeck. The crews for the trials and the results are downloadable here:


* Crews for trials - pdf

* Crews for trials - xlsx


* Results of trials  - pdf

* Results of trials - xlsx


A report on Junior Rowing News is here: http://juniorrowingnews.com/2018/02/14/northern-jirr-trials-review.




Our  regional contact is Pauline Higgins at ghiggins20@aol.com.


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Junior Inter-Regional Regatta 2022


- regional trials on Saturday 5 March at Cambois RC  

- full competition on 23 April at Nottingham   


Results from trials on 5 Mar 22


* Div 1

* Div 2

* Div 3

* Div 4

* Div 5




The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta will be held on Saturday 23 April 2022 at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham. Trials for the Northern Region team are to be held at Cambois Rowing Club on Saturday 5 March 2022. Age groups covered are J14 to J16.


Events in 2022


The following events are offered by JIRR in 2022:



      and new this year



Regional trials


These are being held at Cambois RC on Saturday 5 March 2022. The following documents have been published.


*  Safety instructions

*  Rules

*  Welfare Plan

*  Risk assessment

*  Draw

*  Course map

*  Parking info


The results are at the top of the page.


Team to represent the region


The composition of the team may take a little time to finalise, so come back here in a week or two. Coaches will be kept informed directly about progress in the interim.


Pauline Higgins

Northern Team Manager



This page updated on 06-03-22.