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Long Distance Sculling series - Autumn 2020


Series cancelled in 2020 due to Covid


On Monday 28 September 2020, the Northern Rowing Council announced that it felt unable to continue with the two remaining Long Distance Sculling series competitions for 2020. . They were to have been a combined LDS/SBH at Tyne on 10 October and South Hylton on 24 October. They were cancelled. The other four competitions in the series had progressively dropped out in previous weeks.





Day and date


Sat 3 October 20


Sat 10 October 20

Wansbeck LDS/SBH

Sat 17 October 20

South Hylton LDS

Sat 24 October 19

Berwick LDS

Sat 31 October 20


Sat 7 November 20

The 2021 series


The page for the 2021 series is here.


Getting in touch


Queries about all aspects of the LDS series including entries and results should go to  Dan Lockey at lds@nerowing.com. Any questions specifically to do with how this page works (or not) should be directed to Colin Percy at secretary@nerowing.com.  


This page updated 08-08-21

Series background


The Northern Rowing Council, with the help of host clubs, runs the Long Distance Sculling (LDS)  series every autumn. Usually we aim to have six competitions over six consecutive weekends.


The LDS series is for sculling boats only - in a normal year singles, doubles, quads and, at some locations octuplets too. They are open to all age groups and categories. In 2019 all ran except Durham, which was cancelled. 2020 saw o events in the series due to Covid.


Usually there are associated but independent Small Boats Head (SBH) competitions with sculling and sweep in the afternoon on four of the six days.  For information showing how the series normally runs, the results and a full report of the 2019 series and its individual competitions are here.



2020 programme


For the record the 2020 programme was to have been: