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Long Distance Sculling series - Autumn 2023







Times (SBHs in brackets)

Tees LDS & SBH

30 September 23

10:30 (15:00)


07 October 23

10:30 (14:30)

Berwick LDS

14 October 23


Wansbeck LDS & SBH

21 October 23

10:30 (14:30)

South Hylton LDS

28 October 23


Durham LDS & ASBH

04 November 23

09:30 (12:00 & 14:30)


Link to 2022 page as guide to what each venue will offer in 2023. Full details for each venue in 2023 will appear below when ready.


2023 poster out - BROE opens 3 weeks before each event


The poster is available here as a pdf or click on the images at the foot of the page for larger jpgs in your browser.


2023 programme




The poster will be out late August. Here are the dates for 2023.

Tees LDS & SBH - 30 September 2023


The morning LDS is sculling only and is hosted for the NRC by Tees RC. The afternoon SBH including sweep as well is organised by Tees RC and runs over the same course; details of that competition are on their web site. The LDS starts at 10:30 and the afternoon SBH starts at 15:00. There is an upper limit in each of 130 entries. Distance for both is 5000m.


These pre-race docs are shared by both the LDS and the SBH:

* Safety & race instructions  
* Safety plan  

* Map of the course

* Parking arrangements    


Series background


The Northern Rowing Council, with the help of host clubs, runs the Long Distance Sculling (LDS) series every autumn. We aim to have six competitions over six consecutive weekends each year. All six ran in 2022.


The LDS series is for sculling boats only - singles, doubles, quads and octuplets (not all locations). They are open to all age groups and categories. There are prizes for winning crews in each competition and a Victor Ludorum for clubs over the series as a whole.


There are associated but independent Small Boats Head (SBH) competitions with sculling and sweep in the afternoon on four of the six days. See the home clubs’ web sites for details of these.


Getting in touch


Queries about all aspects of the LDS series including entries and results should go to LDS Series Coordinator, Dan Lockey, at lds@nerowing.com.


Any questions specifically to do with how this page works (or not) should be directed to Colin Percy at secretary@nerowing.com.      


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This page was last updated on 20-09-23

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