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Northern Rowing Council meetings - 2022 (& before)


N.B. Most recent first. Older NRC meeting documents (Sep 2019 - Sep 2021) are here and links are there to further back still. All documents are pdfs unless otherwise stated.

Meetings in 2022


Executive Committee        7.30pm     Mon 31 Jan 22          Zoom

Executive Committee        7.30pm     Mon 25 Apr 22          Tyne ARC & Zoom

Executive Committee        7.30pm     Mon 20 Jun 22          Format TBC

Executive Committee        7.30pm     Mon 19 Sep 22         Format TBC


Annual General Meeting    7.30pm     Mon 14 Nov 22          Format TBC


Monday 25 April 2022 - Executive Committee - at Tyne ARC & on Zoom - 7.30pm



* Agenda

* Draft minutes of meeting on 31-01-22 for approval

* Officer written reports (see also minutes when done for updates):
  - Junior rowing + JIRR 2022 result (xlsx) + JIRR past years results (xlsx)

 - Safety
  - Umpiring

 - Masters rowing

 - Regional rep

 - Recreational rowing plus Great Tyne Row (to follow)

 - Comms equipment

 - Events

 - Student rowing (received after meeting to catch BUCS news)


Monday 31 January 2022 - Executive Committee - on Zoom


Minutes of this meeting as approved at next meeting on 25-04-22



* Agenda

* Draft minutes from meeting 6 December 2021

* Officer reports:
  - Treasurer
  - Junior rowing
  - Safety
  - Regional Umpiring Committee

 - Masters rowing

 - Regional rep (grant aid issues)

    updated application form

 - Recreational rowing

 - Events coordinator & draft dates 2023-24


Monday 6 December 2021 - Executive Committee - on Zoom


Minutes of this meeting as agreed at next meeting on 31-01-22



* Agenda

* Draft minutes of Exec Cttee on 13 September 21 - approved as a correct record


This was a relatively brief meeting to consider and discuss the new Chair’s thoughts on the way forward, plus any urgent business. There were not any of the usual officer reports.


Monday 15 November 2021 - AGM - Durham ARC & on Zoom

For information: constitution - as agreed at the 2020 AGM
Draft minutes of this meeting (2021 AGM) - as at 07-01-22 for approval at 2022 AGM
Documents for the meeting (all pdf):  
* Formal notice and agenda
* Draft minutes from AGM on 16 November 2020
* Officer reports:
  - Regional Representative
  - Treasurer - financial statement - for year to 30 September 2021
  - Coaching education
  - Junior rowing plus BRJC 2021 results and ex North rowers in GB trials
    and North juniors entered for GB Pathway
  - Safety
  - Long Distance Sculling series
  - Competitions  
  - Regional Umpiring Committee
  - Masters rowing
  - Recreational rowing
  - Student rowing
*  Nominations for officer posts - as at 14.00 on 14-11-21

This page updated on 06-05-22




Officers and committee for 2022



Tim Morris

Vice Chair

Charly Curtis

Regional Representative

Gabrielle Moore


Colin Percy


Alan Granlund

Coaching Coordinator

Eddie Bryant

Junior Rowing Coordinator

Pauline Higgins

Regional Rowing Safety Adviser

John Mulholland

Para Rowing Coordinator

No nomination

Long Distance Sculling Series Coordinator

Dan Lockey

Competitions Coordinator

Catherine Bowman

Masters Rowing Coordinator

Gabrielle Moore

Recreational Rowing Coordinator

Pam Walton

Student Representative

David Squirrell

Chair of the Regional Umpiring Committee

Richard Mortimer

Ordinary member (Conference)

Alan Cook

Ordinary member

Mark Hyson