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4th Hylton Scullers Head - 23rd October 1976
Finishing Order



1	G.Parsonage	Clydesdale ARC		Elite (V)	17.44.2	Fastest Overall
2	S.Henderson	Nithsdale ARC		Sen B		17.46.0	Sen A prize
3	J.Bell		Tyne ARC 		Sen A (V)	18.39.2	Veteran prize
4	N.Totman	Tyne ARC		Sen B		18.45.0
5	I.L.Boyd	Tyne ARC		Elite		19.06.0
6	I.Sample	Bede College		Sen C		19.07.3
7	G.Appelby	Tyne ARC		Sen C Rst	19.59.6 Restricted Div prize
8	A.Granlund	Durham ARC		Sen C Rst	20.04.6
9	M.Richards	Slatyford School	Sen C		20.12.0
10	D.Cameron	Tyne ARC		Sen C Rst	20.17.6
11	C.Feltoe	Tees ARC		Nov Rst		20.21.2 Novice prize
12	L.Carberry	Hild/Bede College	Nov Rst		20.34.6
13	M.Smyth		South Hylton ARC	Sen C (V)	20.38.0
14	M.Walton	South Hylton ARC	Sen C Rst 	20.56.2
15	A.Cartwright	Durham ARC		Nov Rst		21.05.2
16	A.McMillan	Tyne ARC		Nov Rst		21.22.6
17	N.Davey		South Hylton ARC	Nov (U16)Rst	22.00.2
18	J.M.Russell	South Hylton ARC	Nov (V)		22.32.4
NRO	K. Hastie	Tynemouth RC		Nov Rst
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