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10th Hylton Scullers Head - 16th October 1982
Finishing Order



1	G.Wheeler	Tyne ARC		Sen B		19.07.0	Fastest Overall
2	A.Wood		Cambois ARC		Sen B, Vet B	19.15.4
3	J.Ringer	City of Newcastle 	Sen C		19.18.0	Sen A Winner
4	G.Calvert	Tees ARC		Sen C		19.25.4	Sen C Winner
5	K.Flannery	Tynemouth RC		Sen C		19.37.4
6	D.O'Neill	City of Newcastle	Sen C		19.40.0
7	R.H.Metcalfe	Durham ARC		Sen C, Vet C	20.09.4	Vet C Winner
8	I.L.Boyd	Tyne ARC		Sen A, Vet B	20.10.1
9	D.Tuckerman	South Hylton ARC	Sen C		20.26.4
10	J.C.Kenyon	Tees RC			Sen A, vet C	20.34.4
11	P.Robinson	Tyne			Sen C, Vet B	20.35.5
12	P.Metcalfe	Durham ARC		Sen C		21.04.0
13	P.McFaul	Tees RC			Sen C		21.16.2
14	N.Parker	South Hylton ARC	Nov		21.34.4
15	A.Cartwright	Durham ARC		Sen C		21.38.4
16	K.Senior	Tees RC			Nov Rst		22.05.7	Nov Restricted winner
17	K.Hardy		Tyne ARC		Nov Rst		22.38.8
18	K.Hastie	Tynemouth RC		Nov Rst		22.40.0
19	A.Thompson	Tynemouth RC		Nov Rst		23.17.6
20	M.A.C.Hole	Durham ARC		Sen A, Vet B	23.30.0
21	B.Beattie	South Hylton ARC	Nov Rst, U16	23.38.0
22	F.Greenwood	Durham ARC		Nov, Vet C	24.00.2

Timekeepers: 	J.R.Bolter, A.R.Kernahan
Sponsor:	J.Brown, River Wear Demolition
Secretary:	J.M.Russell, 16 Violet St., South Hylton, Sunderland. Tel Hylton 2732

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