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Rutherford Head (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Final placings
6th December 1997
Division 1 - 11 a.m. Race

Womens Eights (8+) section
1012Durham University WBCSO22-43.3
2413York City RCSO24-19.1
3417Leeds University BCSIII25-52.4 - Lateness Penalty 15 secs
4116Trevelyan College BCSIII26-15.7
4415Queen Elizabeth HSBCSIII26-46.0
4620St.Leonard's School BCN29-40.9
4721Newcastle University BC 'A'N30-34.6
4922Newcastle University BC 'B'N31-50.3
Mens Quadruple Sculls (4x) section
11Tyne RCSO20-16.5 - Steering penalty 10 secs
22Queen Elizabeth HSBCSO20-56.1
26=4Grey/Van Mildert/CollingwoodSO24-55.7
Mens Coxless Fours (4-) section
311Durham ARCSI21-30.7
57York City RCSO21-58.4
79Newcastle University BCSI22-28.4 - Steering penalty 10 secs
86Durham University BCSO22-34.4
138Black Sheep RCSO23-20.3
1810Tyne RCS123-32.9
Womens Quadruple Sculls (4x+) section
3755Queen Elizabeth HSBCJ1525-57.6
3956St.Leonard's School BCJ1526-12.8
Mens Coxed Fours (4+) section
423Durham University BCSIII21-37.2
638Newcastle University BCN22- 1.0
940Durham University BC 'B'N22-41.0
1125Edinburgh University BC 'C'SIII22-47.8
1250Durham ARCVC23-19.6
1444Durham School BC 'A'N23-21.4
1526Newcastle University BCSIII23-22.4
1629Van Mildert College BCSIII23-22.5
1747Edinburgh University BC 'H'N23-32.5
1933University College BCSIII23-36.9
2099Tyne RC/St.Neots RCVC23-43.3
2132St.Hild & St.Bede CBC 'Griffiths'SIII23-51.7
2237Durham University BC 'A'N23-56.2
2345Leeds University BCN29- 0.1
2528St.Aidan's College BCSIII24-41.1
26=42Durham ARC 'B'N24-55.7
2852Durham ARCVE25- 7.8
3027St.Hild & St.Bede CBC 'Crawford'SIII25-23.4
3l46Collingwood College BCN25-24.0
3239University College BCN25-26.7
3336Edinburgh University BC 'G'N25-46.2
3941Durham ARC 'A'N25-54.5
3648Durham School BC 'B'N25-56.4
4024Queen Elizabeth HSBCSIII26-13.4
4235Hexham RC/Ponteland HSBCSIII26-27.6
4330Edinburgh Unlversity BC 'D'SIII26-37.0
4543Tyne RCN28-13.6
Womens Coxed Fours (W4+) section
3854Durham University WBCSI26- 9.7
Womens Double Sculls (W2x) section
2953St.Andrew BCSO25- 9.4

Division 2 - 2 p.m. Race

Mens Eights (8+) section
167Bradford ARCVC21-54.9
568Durham ARCVC22-31.0
1170Berwick ARC/Cambois ARCVC23-20.2
2072Durham ARCVE24-54.3
2271Tyne RCVD25-28.0
Womens Eights (W8+) section
4419Leeds University BC 'B'N32-14.7
46115Leeds University BC 'A'N33-10.9
Mens Coxless Fours (4-) section
1265Newcastle University BCSIII23-16.7
1764Durham University BCSIII24-29.6
2466Queen Elizabeth HSBCSIII26-10.l
Womens Coxless Fours (W4-) section
4893Tyne Rowing ClubSO33-53.5
Mens Coxed Quadruple Sculls (4x+) section
2590St.Leonard's School BCJ1526-18.2
4292St.Leonard's School BCJ1431-21.1
5289Durham School BCJ1539-52.0
5591Durham School BCJ1444-24.4
Mens Coxed Fours (4+) section
160Durham University BCSO21- 9.5
373Edinburgh University BCSII22-13.0
475Newcastle University BC 'A'SI22-14.1
6=58Tyne RCSO22-34.9
6=61Edinburgh University BCSI22-34.9
863Durham ARCSO22-55.9
959St.Andrew BCSO23- 2.3
1083Queen Elizabeth HSBCSII23- 7.7
1362Durham University BCSI23-28.5
1582University College BCSII24- 4.3
1679Newcastle University BC 'B'SII24-17.1
1885St.Aidan's College BCSII24-31.2
1978Tyne RCSII24-43.6
2177Leeds University BCSII25- 6.5
2674St.Hild 8 St.Bede CBC 'De Laszlo'SII26-51.0
3076St.Hild & St.Bede CBC 'Yaxley'S1I28-11.2
3180Berwick ARC/Hexham ARCSII28-13.6
3381Durham School BCSII28-25.1
3586Durham ARC 'Spense'SII29- 9.8
Womens Coxed Fours (W4+) section
2798Durham University WBCSII27- 7.6
2894Edinburgh University BCSO27-21.7
29104St.Aidan's College BCSIII27-58.5
32100University College BCSIII28-23.9
34106Aberdeen University BCSIII28-32.1
36102Edinburgh University BCSIII29- 9.7
3795St.Andrew BCSII29-15.5
3896Durham ARCSII29-32.5
3997Queen Elizabeth HSBCSII30- 4.5
40105Durham University WBCSIII30-36.0
41101Durham ARCSIII31- 0.3
43113Grey Colleqe BCN31-34.8
45111St.Leonard's School BCN33- 5.8
47103Berwick ARCSIII33-19.8
49108University College BC 'Miles'N34-19.9
5099Sunderland University BCSII36-30.8
51114Newcastle University BCN38-38.4
53110Durham ARCN40-24.1
54112University College BC 'Smith'N41- 4.9
Mixed Quadruple Sculls (Mxd4x) section
1488Tyne RC23-32.8
2387Durham School BC25-39.9

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