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The 1854 Talkin Tarn Regatta

Taken from the Carlisle Journal - Friday August 25th 1854

Talkin Tarn Regatta held on Thursday 17th August 1854

The Right Honourable the Earl of Carlisle. The Right Honourable Sir J.R.G. Graham, Brat., M.P. The Honourable C.W.G. Howard, M.P. William Marshall, Esq., M.P. Wentworth Blackett Beaumont, Esq., M.P. Philip Henry Howard, Esq

This gathering, which annually converts the quietly secluded little lake at the foot of Talkin fell into a scene of bustling activity, took place yesterday under the most distinguished patronage. Since the meeting was first established, it has yearly been assuming a more popular, and at the same time a more stable character. This success has been not a little pro noted by the great interest which the Earl of Carlisle has always manifested towards it. His Lordship was present yesterday from an early hour, accompanied by his brother, the Hon. Chas. Howard, M.P., Baron Parke, Col.Townley, and a distinguished party, and appeared to enter into the proceedings with great enthusiasm. With the wrestling his lordship appeared to be particularly gratified, and he remained a spectator of it until the conclusion.

The attendance at the Regatta yesterday was about an average. The day was particularly fine, and with the exception of a few slight showers which fell through the sunshine, accompanied by two or three brattles of thunder, nothing occurred during the whole of the proceedings which had the slightest tendency to mar the enjoyment. The little lake was a picture of tranquillity and repose. Scarce a ripple disturbed its glassy surface or dimmed the reflection of the picturesque woods and lofty hills by which it is surrounded, and the numerous concourse of persons who flocked to witness the amusements, so far from marring the harmony of the scene by boisterous hilarity, strolled peacefully along the shores apparently wrapt in admiration of the delightful picture. The whole of the proceedings were conducted in the most orderly and satisfactory manner. Some little disappointment was at first felt by the non-appearance of the Elswick crew, a set of noted rowers, who had entered their names for two of the races. They had written to state that they would arrive at the Tarn by three o'clock, and to request that the first race in which they had to row might be postponed till that hour. But from some cause or other they did not put in an appearance. It was gratifying to find, however, that the racing suffered little by their absence.

Mr. G. Topping discharged the duties of starter in a most satisfactory manner. As in former years, a number of tents for refreshments were erected in a field close to the tarn, to satisfy the appetite which the fresh air about the fells could not fail to create. In addition to a number of minor minstrels, the Kirkhouse Brass Band was in attendance, and in the course of the day performed several favourite airs in a very praiseworthy manner.

Among the persons present we observed:- The Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle, the Hon. C.W.G. Howard, M.P., and Master George Howard, Baron Parke, and Lady Parke, J.W. Marshall, Esq., Mrs Ramshay, Miss Lacy, and party, W. Carrick, Esq., Mrs. Carrick, Miss Ryan,......... (Suffice to say there was a lot of notables) .....Mr. Jonathan Barnett, master, and about 30 members of the Tyne amateur Rowing Club, &c.,&c.

THE BRAMPTON CUPS, four in number, value 20. Four oar gig or cutters of any length. To be rowed for exclusively by gentlemen amateurs. Entrance 1.

T.A.R.C. No. 2. (Newcastle)-Mr. John R.Nichol, Mr. Arthur Littlewood, Mr. Thomas J. Iicket, Mr Wm.Leathart (stroke), Mr. John Taylor (Cockswain)
1 T.A.R.C. No. 3. (Newcastle)-Mr. Jonathan Burnett, Mr Hy. Harrison, Mr. Septimus Bell, Mr. Thomas C. Jackson, (stroke), Mr Frederick Myers, (Cockswain) 2 In consequence of the absence of one of the Brampton crew at the time for starting, the Newcastle boats led off for the first heat. No.3 took a slight lead at starting, and kept up to the buoys; No.2 then got a little advantage, and improved it all the way back, winning by several lengths.

CLASS 1. T.A.R.C. No. 1. (Newcastle)-Mr.William A.Ross, Mr. David R.Ramsay, Mr. Balleny Carr, Mr. Edward Green (stroke), Mr. Christopher Young (Cockswain) 1
The Lady Mary (Brampton)-Mr___, Mr. George Bell, Mr. William Carrick, Mr.William Milburn, (stroke), Mr John Holmes (Cockswain) 2
The Brampton crew being now complete, this heat was proceeded with after a short interval. It was never anticipated, however, that they would have the slightest chance with their competitors. Since last year the old crew had been completely broken up and dispersed, only two of the gentlemen who used to contend so gallantly for the laurels being left; and, besides the disadvantage of rowing with strangers, they had not had the opportunity of putting themselves in training. The certainty of defeat, however, did not prevent their striving hard for the victory. Both boats got well away at the signal, Lady Mary taking a bold lead. The Newcastle crew rowed steadier and more leisurely, and their superior training soon began to tell; they got round their buoys in good style, took a long lead and kept it till the end of the race. The crew of the Lady Mary pulled lustily, but had not the least chance of winning.

Deciding Heat.
T.A.R.C. No. 2. (Newcastle)-Mr.John R.Nichol, Mr. Arthur Littlewood, Mr. Thomas J. Pickett, Mr Wm. Leathart, (stroke), Mr. John Taylor (cockswain) 1
T.A.R.C. No. 1. (Newcastle)-Mr. William A. Ross, Mr. David R. Ramsay, leton William Dodd, Melmerby John Charlton, Farmhouse Archd. Kennedy, Stapleton

Joseph Halliwell George Hogg Richard Wright Ben. Cooper John scott William Pearson Thomas Turnbull Thomas Davidson Thomas Little George Armstrong Thomas Hadspith, odd-man.

FOURTH ROUND Ben.Cooper Joseph Halliwell Richard Wright Thomas Hudspith George Hogg John Scott

FIFTH ROUND Richard Wright Joseph Halliwell Ben. Cooper, odd-man.

FINAL FALLS. Ben. Cooper Richard Wright Ben.Cooper Richard Wright Ben.Cooper Richard Wright Ben. Cooper, winner. Cooper received 4; wright 2; and Halliwell 1. Those who fell in the fourth round received 10s. each; and those who fell in the third round 5s. each.

James Cumming, Watermillock.......1 John Birrel, Brampton.....................2 William Pearson, Carlisle.................3

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