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Sunday League 2023 - Round 7 - Talkin Tarn - 3 Sep 23

It was back to Splash ‘n’ Dash at Tarn  


Last year it was skills at Tarn, but this year it was side-by-side racing, but sweep. This was a challenge for some clubs who had not done much sweep at this level before.


The results


The pre-race draw with crew letters pre-selected and the timetable of races can be viewed as a pdf here. In practice the Women’s crews had three races each and the Open crews four.


The results table is here as a pdf and viewable as a large jpg by clicking on the image below.


Points after this round


The overall league table after this round at Tarn is here. All team points will be checked before round 7 against the rules, including the one about half points if you go over six people in a team and the 7th/8th/9th actually rowing. Nine is the overall limit.




Times were the standard:


Registration from 11:00

Number distribution at 11:30   

Racing started at 12:00

Racing ended by 16:00



Last updated on 17-09-23.   

SL tarn 2023 results lge.jpg