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Tyne 200 - Sunday 1 August 2021


This event was cancelled due to low number of entries. The local clubs are still  organising a small scale Bridges Row (fine boats and experienced rowers only) at 9.00am. Contact Colin Percy at colinwpercy@gmail.com if interested.


Tyne 200 replacement event on 1 August 2021

Tyne Bridges Row, St Ayles Skiff have-a-go and informal splash and dash racing – based at Newburn

Charge for Bridges Row: £2 per rower/cox to be collected by host club before starting; includes free butty & tea at TARC after

Entries: (all fine quads/fours unless stated): TURC 5 (inc a 1x), TARC 2, Hexham 1, DARC 2 (1 stable 4x+, 1 double), Gateshead CRC 2 (Skiffs), Craster CRC 1 (Skiff) as at Friday 30-07-21

Location: All to trailer to and boat from Tyne Amateur RC except Tyne United RC’s own crews

Weather and tide: As at 9.00pm on Friday 30-07-21, weather forecast says bright/cloudy, low chance of rain, 15degC, wind 9 mph gusting 17 mph from north (which will generally be a side wind); high tide at city centre will be a very moderate 4.22m at about 10.30am, so slack water through bridges; watch emails or http://www.nerowing.com/tyne200.html for updates

Phones: Colin Percy on 07985 003304 for emergencies (or ring 999 if serious); all racing and safety boats must carry a mobile phone

Rules of river: river not shut, follow normal rules of the river (closest to bank on right, right hand arch of bridges, both from cox’s viewpoint); good lookout at all times; if seriously tired before reaching the city centre, consider turning round early

Schedule: (all times approx except for start, some or all may change if weather not good)

8.00    Suggested arrival time for boats and rowers

9.00    All ready to boat, and start of boating (slowest ones first ones first, if we can judge that); first two Newburn launches on water and ready to go

9.15    Boats set off, maybe in groups of three, but can go at own speed, first group with launch following, ditto second group

9.30    All boats away, second two Newburn launches follow behind

09.45   First boats reach Scotswood, Gateshead CRC launch out to monitor them passing (or as otherwise agreed)

09.45   First two Newburn launches go ahead so as to be either side of Swing Bridge, up stream launch in particular to monitor passage through Swing Bridge

10.15   First boats reach Baltic (Ouseburn absolutely furthest) and turn after short rest, downstream launch to supervise

11.30   Boats start arriving back at Newburn (N.B. St Ayles Skiffs will only go to Scotswood and turn back from there)

11.30   Refreshments for all rowers at TARC from then onwards and St Ayles’s Skiff have-a-go session (at TARC)

13.00 Stable Class C quad and St Ayles Skiff splash and dash racing over 250m approx, finishing at Newburn clubs

15.00   All over by this time at latest (may be earlier)

Questions to:

Colin Percy
Tyne Amateur Rowing Club
Mob: 07985 003304
Home tel: 01661 854335