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Sunday League - Round 1 - Tyne - 30 April 2023



For this round we had one Open entry from each of the following: Berwick, Cambois, Hexham, Talkin Tarn, Tyne ARC and Tynemouth. For Women’s, we had only three entries, two from Talkin Tarn and one from Tyne ARC, so they had to race each other twice! The pre-event draw matrix here as a pdf.


For future rounds please see the 2023 series home page for details as how to enter. Entries must be in by teatime on the Wednesday preceding.  We will publish a list of entries that night. The draw to allocate letters to crews take place on the morning of race day.


Forecast & tides    


This was the first event in the 2023 series so we hoped that the weather (and the racing) would set an example for the rest of the series. The weather forecast the previous night was for 12-14 degC, wind 7 mph from the SSW and the possibility of light rain. In practice we had a rather rainy morning but it eased off with only sporadic showers in the afternoon. It was cool but not cold and the water was lovely and calm, so great for racing. There was a modest high tide of 3.93 metres at about 1.00pm.




Timings were ‘as normal’:


Registration from 11:00

Draw at 11:30

Racing started not quite at 12:00

Racing ended about 15:00




The club bar was open from 11.00am and sold bacon sarnies and lovely home made cakes. Thanks to all who made them and who worked in the kitchen and front of house.


Last updated on 01-05-23.

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The six Open crews had four races each against randomly chosen opponents. Two teams emerged as the strongest, from Hexham and Tyne, each winning three races. This meant seven points each (you get one for just racing and one for winning each time). It might have been a whitewash for Tyne as they were ahead of Hexham in the second race of the day when one of their rowers caught a crab, trapped the oar under the boat and snapped it!


In the Women’s category there were only three entries so each crew had to race the other two crews twice to get in four races each. There was good rowing with a Tyne crew winning all four of their races but seeing an increasingly confident first Tarn crew not far behind in their races. Tarn’s second crew were racing here for the first time, but again improved greatly as the day went on.


The results are shown in the table below - click on it for a larger jpg version or here for a pdf. Next up is Berwick on Sunday 4 June, likely to be another sculling splash and dash - confirmation soon.