Northumberland County ARA


Saturday 25th February 2006

over 5000 metres on the River Tyne.
Course: Scotswood to Newburn (upstream)

(under ARA rules)

Boating at Tyne RC, Newcastle UBC (Newburn south side)
(The village of Newburn is 6 miles west of Newcastle City Centre)

DIVISION 1 : 11.00 am

Open Eights - Elite, Sen I, Sen II, Sen III, Novice
Womens Coxed Fours - Elite, Sen II, Sen III, Novice, J18, J16, Veteran
Womens Quads - Elite, Sen III, J18 and J16
Veteran Eights - Vet B and older, to suit entries

DIVISION 2 : 1.30 pm

Womens Eights - Elite, Sen I, Sen II, Sen III, Novice
Open Coxed Fours - Elite, Sen II, Sen III, Novice, J18, J16, Veteran
Open Quads - Elite, Sen III, J18, J16
Open Coxless Fours - Elite, Sen II

All junior competitors must be older than J15.
Eights & Fours which enter as Senior 4 will be deemed to be Senior 3 for award purposes


Entry Fees:
30 per four/quad and 50 per eight
CLOSE of ENTRIES: Sunday 19th February 2006 at midday.

Entries will only be accepted if a fully completed entry form and payment of entry is received by the closing date/time

ENTRIES may be made by post or email. Entry fees must be received by the closing date/time for an entry to be accepted Cheques must be payable to NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY ARA. Personal cheques to be endorsed on the back with the name of the club concerned.

ENTRY FEES: All entries accepted are liable for the appropriate fee. Any refund in case of non-participation is solely at NCARA discretion.

REGISTRATION: ARA Registration Nos. and crew ARA regatta status (reckoned in accordance with ARA Rules) must be supplied with entry. Day Tickets for competitors who are unregistered or who can not produce their registration card - 15 each.

NUMBERS: Plastic Empacher slot numbers will be issued. Boats should be equipped with the appropriate fixture.

UPGRADING: The committee reserves the right to withdraw the awards for any category with fewer than three entries and two competing crews. Any crew entered in such a category will be deemed entered in the next higher (or younger veteran) category. Crews unwilling to be upgraded please so indicate on their entry.

RACE SCHEDULE: Owing to the tidal conditions, no delay can be tolerated. Any crew not at the start & under the control of the marshals by five minutes before the scheduled start time for their division may be allocated a start position and/or awarded a time penalty, or may be disqualified, at the discretion of the Starter. Detailed boating schedules will be issued and will be strictly enforced. Clubs are asked to provide with their entry full details of any doubling-up or sharing of equipment between the two divisions.

ALTERATIONS: The NCARA reserves the right to make any alterations to these arrangements and instructions which it deems necessary for the safe and efficient promotion of the event.
The Northumberland County ARA and the Head Committee fully support ARA WATER SAFETY CODE

Alex Shiel, 56 Queens Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 2PR
e-mail address for enquiries and e-mail entries:

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