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Junior Inter-Regional Regatta 2024


Regional trials - 16 March 2024


Trials for the regional team to go to Nottingham on 20 April 24 will be held at Cambois Rowing Club on 16 March 24. Clubs and schools are invited to enter crews on BROE from 11.00am on 1 February 24 and entries will close at 1.00pm on 10 March 24.


For the regional trials, download the documents here for more details. You can click on the small image of the trials poster below for a larger online version.


*  Poster   *  Rules for entries   *  Course map   

*  Safety information   *  Risk Assessment   *  Welfare Plan




National competition - 20 April 2024


The Junior Inter-Regional Regatta this year is on Saturday  20 April 2024 at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham. See the British Rowing JIRR web page for more information, though not all the 2024 documents are loaded yet. However, the 2024 Notice of Competition is downloadable as a pdf here.


Changes for 2024


The overall shape of the competition remains the same as in previous years, but there are quite a few changes. The headline ones are:


1)  Scotland is now included, so there 13 regions

2)  There are no J14 or WJ14 singles

3)  Each region get two places in J15, WJ15, J16 and WJ16 singles.

4)  First race at Nottingham will be a time trial over 1000m followed
      by side by side finals over 1500m.




Enquiries to Pauline Higgins at ghiggins20@aol.com


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The Juniors 2023 web page on this site is here

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