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Times (SBHs in brackets)

Tees LDS & SBH

30 September 23

10:30 (15:00) - it ran


07 October 23

10:30 (14:30) - cancelled

Berwick LDS

14 October 23

14:00 - cancelled

Wansbeck LDS & SBH

21 October 23

09:30 (13:30) - cancelled

South Hylton LDS

28 October 23

13:00 - it ran

Durham LDS & ASBH

11 November 23

09:305 (12:00 & 13:30) - it ran


2023 programme


Full details for each venue in 2023 appeared below when ready. The poster is available here as a pdf or click on the images at the foot of the page for larger jpgs in your browser. BROE opened 3 weeks before each event.



Long Distance Sculling series - Autumn 2023






Durham LDS/ASBH - results below.


The 2023 series is now over - thanks to all host clubs, organisers, helpers and .......... you, the competitors


How to find start orders, times and results online       


Start orders, real-time race times (provisional) and full results for LDS and SBH competitions were available as on-screen html in your browser or as downloadable pdfs and othr formats via go.oar-online.uk. Results will also be posted on this page and at @NorthernRowing on X (formerly Twitter) and at @racing@oar-online.uk on Mastodon. It is hoped other competitions in the region will follow suit.

Tees LDS & SBH - 30 September 2023 - it ran

The morning LDS was sculling only and was hosted for the NRC by Tees RC. The afternoon SBH including sweep was organised by Tees RC directly and ran over the same course; details of that competition are on their web site. The LDS started at 10:30 (or a bit after, due to capsizes before the start) and the afternoon SBH started at 15:00. There was an upper limit in each of 200 entries. Distance for both was 5000m.


Documents for both events:


* Safety & race instructions   * Safety plan   * Map of the course

* Parking arrangements

* LDS start order with boating times   * SBH start order with boating times     

* LDS results  * SBH results  


Tyne LDS and Tyne United SBH - 7 Oct 2023 - cancelled - too much water


The LDS was to have been hosted for the NRC by Tyne ARC, Tyne United RC and Newcastle University BC. The afternoon SBH with sweep would have been run by Tyne United RC - see their website for their documents (but start order available below). The morning LDS was due to start at 10.30am and afternoon SBH at 2.30pm. The limit on entries in each was 130 crews.


Distance for both was 4500m from Scotswood to Newburn. Tides were small, with high tide of 3.91 metres at about 10:35 and low tide of 2.50 metres at about 16:47 (times at host clubs and in BST). But high and fast top-water and resulting debris meant both the LDS and SBH were cancelled mid-morning. A 80% refund of race fees was put in hand for both.


Documents for both events:


* Course map    * Start area plan     * Finish area plan

* Instructions to clubs and crews   * Risk assessment   * Safety plan

* Parking advice   * Trailer allocation table    * Bank monitors plan (for LDS)

* LDS start order with boating times    * SBH start order with boating times


Berwick LDS - 14 October 2023 - cancelled - too much wind


The LDS was to have been hosted by Berwick ARC. Tides meant only one division and no SBH is normally run at Berwick. Limit of 60 entries. Boating is usually from Tweed Green, Blakewell Road, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2HG. Distance 4.6km approx. Start time 14.00pm.


Docs for Berwick LDS:


* Course map    * Competitior instructions    * Boating instructions

* Risk assessment   * Start order - also at https://oar-online.uk/ as html or pdf


Wansbeck LDS & SBH - 28 October 2023 - cancelled - too much everything     


The morning LDS was to have been hosted for the NRC by Cambois RC. The afternoon SBH including sweep was to have been run by Cambois RC; details of the SBH are on the Cambois RC web site here, but the SBH pre-race docs were shared with the LDS and are shown below.


In a revised arrangement both the LDS and the SBH were to have been run in two divisions to reduce the time spent on the water. The were going to be :

LDS - Div 1 at 09:30 and Div 2 at 11:15
SBH - Div 1 at  13:30 and Div 2 at 15:15
Larger boats in each Div 1 and smaller boats in each Div 2. Despite the cancellations start order were issued just for the record.


These pre-race docs were shared between the LDS and the SBH:


* Risk assessment   * Safety instructions   * Course map    * Parking overview


Start orders: LDS: Div 1 & Div 2 and SBH: Div 1 & Div 2   - but cancelled   


South Hylton - 28 October 2023 - it ran


The LDS on the lower Wear was hosted by  City of Sunderland Rowing Club, with no associated SBH. The race started at 1.00pm. Note that the course was from downstream at the Wearmouth Bridge next to the Stadium of Light up to the club - see the course map below. Distance was 4600m approx. There was a coaches/coxes briefing at 11:00 at the club house to run over the new course.


Documents for South Hylton LDS:    

* Course map v2    * Safety plan v2   * Risk assessment v2

* Start order with boating times    * Times and results


Durham - 11 November 2023 - it was postponed a week and then ran


The LDS on the upper Wear was hosted by Durham ARC. There was also the associated Durham Autumn SBH run by DARC in the afternoon - a link to its web page is here. Distance for both was 1800m. Docs for both LDS and ASBH. The start times were 09:30 for the LDS and 12:00 and 14:30 for the two divisions of the ASBH (a division 3 was planned for 4 Nov but dropped for 11 Nov).


* Instructions for crews  * Start order for LDS   * Start order for ASBH

* Results for LDS  * Results for SBH (both divs together)

* Start order and results are also here in various formats:

   - go.oar-online.uk/ldsdurham23v2 - for the LDS

   - go.oar-online.uk/durhamasbh23v2 - for the ASBH


Series background


The Northern Rowing Council, with the help of host clubs, runs the Long Distance Sculling (LDS) series every autumn. We aim to have six competitions over six consecutive weekends each year. All six ran in 2022 but three out of six were cancelled in 2023. Better luck in 2024?


The LDS series is for sculling boats only - singles, doubles, quads and octuplets (not all locations). They are open to all age groups and categories. There are prizes for winning crews in each competition and a Victor Ludorum for clubs over the series as a whole.


There are associated but independent Small Boats Head (SBH) competitions with sculling and sweep in the afternoon on four of the six days. See the home clubs’ web sites for details of these - links are above.


Getting in touch


Queries about all aspects of the LDS series including entries and results should go to LDS Series Coordinator, Dan Lockey, at lds@nerowing.com.


Any questions specifically to do with how this page works (or not) should be directed to Colin Percy at colinwpercy@gmail.com.      


This page was last updated late at on 04-12-23.

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1991 LDS pennant