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Boats and fittings
Polishing a boat hull will make it nice and shiny, and helps keep it clean.  However, the downside is that polish has been proven to slow a boat down!  For further information on how to prepare a fast hull, go to the library and pick up a book on competition sailing, where a great deal more attention is paid to hull speed than in rowing.

If you bend a piece of metal repeatedly, it breaks ! Rigger top stays are no different.  So when removing riggers from a boat, do not ‘close’ the top stay by forcing it parallel to the main stay. It will be weakened, and can snap at the head within a short space of time. Instead, slacken the 13 mm nut on top of the pin, fold the top stay and re-secure it parallel to the long main stay.

If you have boats which are used for both rowing and sculling (quads
and pairs) make sure that the sets of riggers not in use are not only tied
together but also labelled. This makes it clear that they are a set (thus
reducing the risk of cannibalism) and clearly identifies to which boat
they belong.

Avoid putting boat seats on the ground - particularly wheels down.
Wheels + dirt + grit + aluminium slides = a recipe for rapid damage.