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Great Tyne Row - Saturday 7 September 2019



The Great Tyne Row is a 25 km challenge row with an element of racing (depending on how seriously you take it). It ran for the seventh time in 2017, but not in 2018. It is non-profit-making (but we aim not to make a loss).

Each year there are prizes for fastest boat in various categories, but with an emphasis on fun, so awards also for the best dressed crew and best decorated boat, not to mention the last boat in.


Numbers have risen from 11 in year one to 40 in 2015, back down to 26 in 2016 and up again to 34  in 2017. A wide range of coxed sliding seat and fixed seat boats enter, from doubles through a triple one year and mostly fours and quads.


You can find information on the the previous years here: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,  2015, 2016 and 2017.


Web site for Great Tyne Row


The stand-alone web site for the Great Tyne Row is at www.greattynerow.com and it has more information on past winners, etc and is the main place to look for info for the event each year. However, we try to mirror info here, especially the start order and info for the day, in case that site goes down.




The event is organised by the Northern Rowing Council in association with British Rowing at the national level, Tyne Amateur Rowing Club, Gateshead Community Rowing Club, Tyne United Rowing Club and Tynemouth Rowing Club. Invaluable support is given by Port of Tyne, Red Seal Rescue, the Sea Cadets and many others. Those doing the work are almost all volunteers.


Contact: Event Director, Colin Percy, at eventdirector.gtr@outlook.com or on 07985 003304.


Last updated 28-08-19

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