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Transporting Boats & Equipment

If towing a boat trailer or carrying a boat on top of a car, have a copy of the ARA guidance notes for boat transport with you in the car. Even better - have a copy of the relevant extract from the Vehicle Construction and Use Regulations as well. Many rowers do not realise that we transport our boats with the benefit of more generous overhang regulations than are the general rule.

Equally - and not unreasonably - some police officers are not aware of these relatively obscure provisions. Having copies with you will help you to explain to a police officer who may stop you that you are acting within the law. (This of course assumes that you are correctly and securely loaded and are fulfilling all other legal requirements....)


You can get 5m nylon straps with regular buckles for about £2 each if you order in reasonable bulk.  2.5 metre ones work out just over half that.  Available from
www.cpc.co.uk, part number CP03559 (5m) or CP02040 (2x2.5m).


Transporting seats - seats are expensive and boats don't go very well
without them. So before loading your boat take out the seats and put them,
as a set, in a box before loading on the trailer. Plastic storage boxes
obtainable from supermarkets and D.I.Y. stores are ideal.


Transporting blades in a trailer. Before loading blades on to the
trailer tie them up in sets using a piece of rope round their necks and
another to the handle side of the buttons. Blades can then be  unloaded in
sets rather than individual blades being pushed back and forth when
looking for their mates. This method also reduces the potential for


Transporting riggers- if carrying riggers on the trailer tie them up in
sets before loading. Three ties are best, one at each "corner" so the each
set is firmly held together. Makes them much easier to identify and
unload. Also reduces potential for damage.