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Northern Region Explore Series - 2017



The winners and runners up - click for larger version - (l-r) Blazing Paddles, Wear Well Away, HextraOrdinary, A Shot in the DARC.


Previous years:


* 2012 - archive    * 2013 - archive    * 2014 - archive    * 2015 - archive   * 2016 - archive


Links to pages for this year’s rounds (when ready):


* Round 1 - Hexham   * Round 2 - Durham   * Round 3 - Berwick   * Round 4 - Tees

* Round 5 - Tyne ARC   * Round 6 - Tynemouth   * Round 7 - CLS   * Round 8 - Tyne United


2017 programme
















British Rowing guidance on Explore Series events


British Rowing has issued generic guidance on Explore Series events (based, we have to say, very much on this region’s work). Whilst the local rules below are much more detailed, you may wish to have a look at the BR document, especially if you are a host club.


In particular host clubs should note they are responsible for making sure there is full insurance cover for their home event under their own insurance policy; this includes cover for damage or loss to equipment borrowed from other clubs. See the document here (pdf).


Event format and local rules for 2017




Aims:  To be a fun, relaxed and social series of events.


Target audience: New rowers,  recreational rowers,  returning rowers,  retired racers




Categories:  Open & Women’s .


Boats:   Stable coxed quads or fours



·   By email for each event to series entries coordinator – Colin Lawson at colin60lawson@gmail.com with entry form attached. You can download the 2017 entry form as xlsx here. It is also available here as pdf if you cannot use Excel.

·   Entries close the Wednesday before the event.

·   All teams from a club must be entered through one contact.

·   All rowing team members must be:

o British Rowing Members

§ Silver members (can have old-style points if returning to rowing after e break); or

§ Gold, junior or student members  (but see below re Novice status)

o 18+ on the event day (coxes may be under 18).

o novices (both sculling and sweep) on BROE  at the time of entry. So if you have a win and lose your official novice status at a full regatta on a Saturday you can still compete (for the last time) in the Explore Series event the day after

     N.B. We will have review this last rule in 2018, when the formal Novice status will disappear)

·   Coxes can have points



·   Each team may consist of between 4 and 9 members - this does not include coxes.

·   A team may use any of the first six team members to race during the series without penalty; using the 7th, 8th or 9th members on a particular Sunday will result in half points (on that day only )

·   If a team starts the series with 4 members only they may add up to the limit of 9 at later events.

·   Any combination of team members can be used in different races on one day.

·   Team members cannot be removed once they have taken part.  

·   Members can only represent 1 team per round, however they may change teams throughout the series.

·   Coxes can change between races in a round.

·   Teams must wear a uniform kit or colour; preferably a main colour of their club

·   New teams may join at any point throughout the series.

·   Entry cost per round per team £12.


Events and points



·   Each event will be either sculling or sweep rowing in stable coxed quads or fours.

·   Each event shall either be Splash & Dash racing or Skills Head races.


Day timings (unless otherwise notified) (Durham will be earlier because of Boat Races on TV):

·   Registration - 11:00

·   Draw - 11:30

·   First Race - 12:00

·   Finish roughly - 16:00


Splash & Dash events:


Distance: Approximately 200 - 300 m , maximum 300 m, side-by-side racing.


Points system:

·   Maximum of 4 races or equal number per team over 4 hour period.

·   There will be a maximum of 40 races at any event.

·   2 points for each win, 1 point for a loss (to encourage turning up)

·   You are allowed to substitute team members between races.

·   Points are topped up at the end of the day and added to the league table.


Skills Head Events:



·   Up to 1 km head races to include a selection of required skills

·   A course map will be provided by the host club a minimum of 2 weeks before the event.

·   Examples of skills that could be included:

o Emergency stops (penalty if not stopped in required distance)

o Backing Down

o Cornering

o Spinning

o Blade changes

o Other skills can be added when/as required.


Points system:

·   Teams race twice, with the times added up to form the final time.

·   You are allowed to substitute members between races.

·   Points will be awarded for the top 4 placing teams.

o 1st = 5pts

o 2nd = 4pts

o 3rd = 3pts

o 4th = 2pts

o All others taking part = 1pt

·   Points are added to the league table at the end of the day.



·   There are a series prizes for the Open & Women’s Teams with the most points after the final round. No prizes to be given at single events, to keep costs low.


This page last  updated 16-03-18.

Sun 5 Mar 17   



Splash & Dash

Sun 2 Apr 17



Splash & Dash

Sun 7 May 17



Splash & Dash

Sun 4 Jun 17




Sun 2 Jul 17  

Tyne ARC


Splash & Dash

Sun 6 Aug 17



Splash & Dash

Sun 10 Sep 17



Splash & Dash

Sun 1 Oct 17   

Tyne United


Splash & Dash

explore 2018 winners 1500 pix.jpg

Series results for 2017


The league table after the TURC round in October can be found here as a pdf. The series winners and runners up were:


Women’s competition:

Winners - A Shot in the DARC - Durham ARC

Runners up - Blazing Paddles - Tyne ARC


Open competition:

Winners - Hextraordinary - Hexham RC

Runners up - Wear Well Away - Durham ARC